25 Week Bump and Baby Update

So here we are, at 25 weeks!

I haven't lost count, I am aware that I said 23 weeks just last week, but that all changed when I went to the Doctor on Friday.

I found out that I moved up a little bit after my last ultrasound, which technically moves baby up, but my Doctor decided to leave her due date at May 16th because babies always come on time [they don't, that's sarcasm from both of us]. But it rolls me a week ahead, at 25. I'm not going back and changing anything because at the time, I thought it was 23!

Baby and I are still completely healthy, she's on track with growth and I'm doing good. Now that I've hit the 3rd trimester, the comforts of the the 2nd are slowly dwindling away.

I'm having a harder time sleeping.

Nausea is returning when it pleases.

I'm getting uncomfortable cramps from growth. [Baby's, not mine, but I guess I have to grow a little too]

Sooo tired, all the time.

I'm starting to hit the point where normal clothes no longer fit and I have to wear maternity options. Which is okay, considering a friend just gave me a ton of maternity clothes in excellent condition. Yay for a dozen free sweaters and pants!

Speaking of normal clothes, I can still fit my "leather" leggings, hooray! Which just means that since being pregnant, my booty and thighs haven't grown much. I can't say so much for things above the belt as, obviously, my waist is gone, ha. And, well, other things are preparing to be a food source.

And with the mention of a food source... boy, is it complicated trying to explain breast feeding to a 5 year old. I kind of gave up when I said Momma would feed her, he said how and I looked down at my chest, not ready to go there! He'll understand when she gets here, right? I hope.

That's all I have for 25 weeks. On a side note, I have no idea why I am always wearing stripes when I take my photos. I try to make sure my hair is presentable and I have clothes on, but I don't think much beyond that, ha. Next week, I'll try to ditch the stripes!

- Amanda

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