Sweet Little Maeve

With the busyness of the past month, I have not had a chance to get on here and properly announce who we will be welcoming in May. I had a grand idea that involved tons of sequins and maybe some balloons... but we just let Izzy announce via Instagram holding a darling onsie he picked to pose with.

He's becoming a big brother and he is so darn proud, I just let him take all the attention for it.

We found out on December 19th that we will be welcoming into our lives a little lady, which over joys me because I'm ready to even the playing field in this boy ran house.

I have loved the last 5 years with just our son, he has let me enjoy my super geeky side. We've indulged in Star Wars, Ninja Turtles and video games, obviously all things that a girl can do too, but there was no balance of princess fluff! And while I'm geeky, I am girly! So she'll probably be a total tomboy and daddy's girl, but I'll enjoy it while I can.

The other great news was we already knew her name, if she was in fact a girl. And if baby had been a boy, then my husband and I would have continued to disagree on names.

My boy name was Gabriel, which he didn't like, so I present Caellum and it was iffy.

His boy names were Phinehas, Hezekiah and Methuselah, as you can guess, I was against them all.

I have this thing I do, where I imagine trying to grow up and introduce myself with the name I choose and none of his were working.

On to our little girl, we chose the name Maeve Lorraine. My husband really wanted to use Lorraine, it's his Mom's middle name, his sister's middle name and actually a variation of my Grandma's name, Lorene.

At one point I started to like it a little less and came back to a name I saved in a my phone long before I was pregnant, which was Maeve.

Maeve is Celtic and, well, it actually has several meanings. I have latched onto "The Cause of Great Joy" but it can also mean, "Goddess of Song" or "Intoxicating." Obviously I have taken to the first because her surprise arrival into our life has only brought me joy!

I had a difficult time finding a middle name, I played with Lucille and then ended up coming back to Lorraine, which was a perfect fit for me.

Lorraine just means, "From Lorraine" which is a region in France. It's also where the The Maid of Orleans was born [in the village Domremy], or as most know her, Joan of Arc.

I do my research!

I have just started working on projects for her nursery, we had a spare room when we bought the house and I always called it the nursery. The photo above shows my first project, her name in sequins. I'm actually planning on keeping most of the decor fairly simple, so I had to put at least one thing glitzy in there!

I cannot tell you how much we all look forward to our sweet little Maeve to arrive in May, even if it means I won't make it to the theatre to see Jurassic World. Life of a parent, right? [I'm a life long Jurassic Park fan/Dinosaur lover, that's all.]

Onward to May!

- Amanda

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