That Day it Snowed in December

We had a very interesting snow day in December, they said we'd only see maybe 1 inch, 2 if we were lucky. But it ended up looking like a full on blizzard that day!

My husband was gone hunting and while my pregnant self would have rather stayed inside where it was warm, I have a 5 year old that has a very different opinion when it comes to snow. So I bundled up the best I could, because normal clothes are fitting me less and less all the time, and took the boy outside.

Of course, there was one condition, he had to let me take pictures before the snowballs started flying! 

You can see in the above photo how the flakes were coming down. If you live up North, it's probably not that big of a deal, but here in OK seeing those big fat flakes is a treat. We usually just get ice... hooray.

Below you can see the snow accumulating on him while he patiently took a few photos [the word patiently should be read sarcastically!].

I indulged him in his snowball fight and for the first time, I think I actually lost. I'll blame pregnancy but his aim is so much better and he kept catching them at the top of my coat and boots so the snow would get inside and slowly freeze me out.

Smart kid.

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