26 Week Bump and Baby Update

I've hit 26 weeks and crossed into the 3rd trimester, boo, on the trimester thing.

It's funny how the 1st trimester is fairly miserable because of the morning sickness, fatigue and everything that comes with your body adapting to carrying another human being inside and forming all those tiny details. It felt, for me, like the 1st trimester lasted FOREVER. I was dropping weight and I missed FOOD, real food, I wanted more than saltine crackers. I was also sleepy, allll the time.

I slid into the 2nd trimester, the nausea faded and I was hungry, all the time. I wanted red meats, vegetables and meals full of carbs [like pasta!]. And lordy, did I crave mexican food! The sad thing is, the 2nd trimester is so nice, you almost forget about all the discomfort from the 1st trimester.

And then it's over. The 3rd trimester arrives much sooner than I would have liked! Suddenly I can't sleep because my back aches, I have to PEE ALL THE TIME, I'm getting nauseous again but it's paired with hunger, so I can't find a happy medium. And the heartburn, allll the heartburn.

Wake up, have a glass of water, heartburn!

Eat a light breakfast of oatmeal with a glass of orange juice, heartburn!

Sandwich and veggies for lunch with water, heartburn!

Ribs, potato salad, jalapeno mac and ranch style beans [for the super bowl], not that much heartburn... until I went to sleep, then.... heartburn!


I saved myself from the backaches, this one I'll file under, don't knock it 'till you try it.

I never bought a maternity pillow with my first pregnancy, but a friend gave me hers. I let it sit in the nursery for a week but the back aches at night were finally just getting to be too much. I need sleep! So one night, I got up and grabbed that pillow! Now I sleep sooo much better, little to no back aches! My husband isn't fond of it, because, well, the pillow gets all the cuddles. But if it helps me, it stays.

I'm also just feeling super uncomfortable already, like I don't have room left. My son was much bigger than she is so far, so I don't know why I would already feel this way, she even seems to stay more compact. Maybe because I got super fit this past summer and I actually have abs to move to make way for the baby. I don't know for sure, but I'm not a big fan. Whine, whine, whine.

Movement has increased like, I don't know, 150%. So much movement, all the time, I love it. Though I wish she wouldn't do huge stretches while I was standing, those can be quite painful. But I'm just happy to feel her moving.

I also got a call from my Dr's office this week to inform met that I get to take my glucose test next time I'm in, yay... but thanks for the warning! And I have to get my RH shot for my blood type [O-], my son has been waiting to see this shot I speak of because he thinks it's funny.

It's funny because I get a shot in the butt.

I hardly find that funny, but I'm not 5.

Lastly, as you can see, I was wearing stripes again! I don't know, I wore a white piko top all weekend and then the stripes emerged.

Stripes on pregnant ladies are cute, I can't help it.

14 weeks to go!

- Amanda

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