28 Week Bump and Baby Update: Baby Shower!

This one is a little less official, I never got my "bump photos" done last week. I was still recovering from my cold and trying to get my house all spruced up for my baby shower. One of my friends took photos during the shower on Saturday, this was the last day of my 28th week... so 28 week bump photo!

It's candid and adorable.

We'll skip a day back and talk about that Friday first because it was so much fun... not really.

It all began with my glucose test at the Doctor. I didn't eat before because it was first thing in the morning and I didn't want to mess with my blood sugar at all. I had been good all week, cutting down sweets and carbs, trying to make sure we pass. Everything went fine, drank the gross drink, had my regular appt while my blood sugar went nuts and then the nausea kicked in. I figured it was just because I hadn't eaten and all I had on my stomach was that gross junk.

They took my blood a hour later and sent me back into my Dr, I had to get a shot as well [Yay, O- blood!]. I got my shot and went to check out and that's when the fun starts. There was a paper missing from my chart, so they printed it and went to have it signed.

During that time, it all kicked in. I really wanted to hurl, my vision blurred, I started seeing spots and as I was considering sitting down, everything went black.

By gosh, I fainted.

I have NEVER fainted in my life, I don't suggest it.

I woke moments later with my Doctor and another Doctor hovering over me, asking questions and getting "felt up" to make sure I wasn't leaking or bleeding.

I got to sit and eat crackers for 15 minutes, while my husband stressed out via text because it was the first appt he didn't come to and so, of course, I had an issue.

And that was it, after 15 minutes I got a quick look over and a stern warning about eating. I eat all the time, I swear! I did it for the glucose test!

Stupid glucose test.

I also bruised my butt and had a fun headache for the rest of the day. I was nearly confined to the couch or bed by my concerned husband.

But we are okay, if anything, little miss had so much fun, she's frequently kicking and begging to ride the fun ride again.

I'll pass.

Onto the baby shower! I'm trying to be sparing with all the photos, so I picked a few I liked.

To begin, this Red Velvet Cheese Ball was BOMB. It's like eating cake batter or frosting on cookies. I highly suggest it. My hostess, Afton, took care of food and this one was the crowd favorite. And I got to keep the leftovers! Recipe here.

There was a baby in attendance, which means I HAD to hold the adorable three week old and nearly put him to sleep.

I love baby holding so much, so I'm in luck with one on the way!

The gift table! She received so many cute things! The basket, big pink bag behind it and gray box were all from Mima, my Mom. She is the spoiler of the Grandbabies... this being only her second one.

Most of the gifts were super adorable items like this and received a loving, "Awwwww" from me.

Several members of my family put in together and got us a car seat, hooray! And a britax at that! It's huge and heavy, which I like, considering my son had a little Graco and out grew it at 6 months. Sad face. I'll use it and baby to work on toning my arms later! I was so happy, it was a blessing and one less big ticket item for us to pay for.

And my parents got us a Pack N Play, finishing the list of "pricey" items baby needs. I teased my mom about it later. I told her I didn't really "need" one, it would really only be used for traveling or Mima's house... so Mima got one. My parents love having my son over, I think he stayed the night the first time at 6 months because they enjoyed having him around. I don't normally have to ask for him to stay over, it's like an unwritten agreement between Grandparents and Grandchild that he stays over during the weekend.

My mom went through her chest at home and brought out a bunch of items that were mine as a baby, like this adorable Precious Moments blanket.

A few weeks earlier she let me pick this beautiful yellow quilt at a craft fair, it's a simple one piece but the quilting is what makes it. It will be so pretty in Maeve's room.

Everyone also found a fun game to play called, "Make Maeve Mad," if you poke my belly enough, she will move and hit back. It's really quite amusing, my husband does it all the time. I have Irish blood from my dad and hispanic from my mom, so with Maeve's attitude, I keep saying we're probably having a little Cholita or a Ginger. One of them with her in womb sassiness.

Here's a cute photo of the basketball I am smuggling :)

I had a wonderful baby shower, fun but relaxed, all thanks to these three ladies [I'm counting the one in purple, she helped decorate]. We've been friends since I was pregnant with my son and our kids are super close in age, so it's been fun watching them grow up around each other.

And that's week 28.

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