29 Week Bump and Baby Update

Catching up here, it's 29 weeks and I'm posting during 29 weeks, hooray!

I just did a nice, long post on the baby shower yesterday, so I'll be sparing today.

I'm finally starting to look super pregnant, my incognito bump is finally getting out there.

I'm also starting to feel super pregnant, uuuggghhhh, feeling super pregnant with many weeks to go.

My stomach feels stretched to it's limit already.

My butt and thighs are growing [which I hear is actually good for breastfeeding, babies are all about that bass].

Heartburn all the time.

And the pee, I just don't want to pee anymore, definitely not 20 times a day [or 40 times a night!].

Boobs. Lord. Boobs. I knocked over a cup of coffee with my boobs this morning, enough said.

But baby is good! She seems happy and has started bumping around at all times. For a long time, she only moved when I would lay down, but now it's all the time. It makes me laugh when I am walking and my stomach suddenly jars to one side or starts bumping around.

As long as baby is healthy, it really doesn't matter what else is getting big, right? Just want baby to be healthy! Granted, it does NOT help that this stupid weather that's either freezing cold, icy or snowy keeps me inside. I'd love to go walking, a lot, but I can't when it's 25 degrees outside! Pregnant lady doesn't need anymore colds.

And that's week 29 for you.

- Amanda

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