Friday, March 20, 2015

Girl and Animal Dolls - Teagan White for Birch Fabrics Acorn Trail

I'm not really up to maternity photos this week, but that's okay, it gives me a chance to catch up on other things.

I've actually been working on Maeve's room like crazy, we painted one wall "blurple" its a navy color but it has a purple hue to it. We picked up her crib and shelving, my Mom gave me a glider and my cousin gave me an antique vanity [heck yes!]. Now it's all in there and I'm working on putting things in the right places and decorating.

Plus working on her quilt on the side. I'm down to hand stitching the binding on! So close, yet so far.

This post is a little project I worked on for her room. I came across this panel of animals before I knew I was having a little lady and loved it. It waited in my bookmarks until we found out her gender and then it waited and waited and waited for me to sew it.

Before I go into into it, if you want to make your own, I purchased mine from Fabric Worm, the collection is Teagan White for Birch Fabrics - Acorn Trail. They have boy prints too, but not an animal panel. Granted, you could use these for a boy and just skip the little girl [or gift her to a little girl]. There are many adorable prints in the collection, but I just wanted the dolls.

Now, if you're familiar with cut and sew dolls, you don't really need to go any further. But for the sake of those that have never played with these fun guys, I made a little tutorial. I also made doubles of my animals by using fabric on the back instead of making them double sided. See below!

This is the panel you'll receive... well, most of it, I already started cutting my pieces out at this point.

You simply begin by cutting them out along the dotted line.

You'll have four sets and you can sew them together just as they are or if you want double the animals, you can back them with a different fabric just as I will be doing.

You can't double the little girl though, she has a unique front and back.

I chose to back mine with a soft muslin to up that vintage quality they have. You can choose any fabric you desire, I think they would be adorable backed with a coordinating fabric from the Acorn Trail collection. But I didn't think that far ahead and didn't want to wait for an order to come in. Plus, I loved this soft muslin.

Lay all of your pieces out on the fabric and make sure you have enough to cover them all.

And then pin them in place like so. If you're working with print fabric, make sure the WRONG sides are together at this time.

I cut mine into large pieces at first and then went back and cut the detail in. I can't stay bent over too long anymore with all this extra weight on my front side, pregnant lady issues.

All done.

And separated so you can see my little silhouette behind.

Now you're going to switch them and put the right sides together. My backing doesn't have a right or wrong side. But if yours is printed make sure the print is on the inside with the rest of the animal. [Right sides together, in other words.]

Pin it all together.

And put a pin in place to mark where you DO NOT want to sew him closed. You need a spot to stuff him.

And just carefully sew around the edges, be sure the leave an opening for stuffing. I tried to make it as visible as possible in the photo above, you might have to squint.

Next you want to go back over him and clip the curves, you pretty much have to clip these guys all around. Just be careful, if you clip too close to the stitches you'll have a hole.

Once you're done clipping, flip him out. Notice how mine is extremely wonky looking?

Use a pointy, but not too sharp, object to push all the extra little parts out. I use my sewing tweezers to really get into those small areas. The stuffing alone will not get all the small areas so you need to take the time to do this.

Tada! Pokey ears!

Next you'll need some poly-fil... or if you run out of poly-fil, slice open a decorative pillow you kept at the dining table. Your husband really hated that pillow and it spent more time in the floor than it did in the chair, it won't be missed.

Just stuff it in through the hole you made. If you have a kiddo around, my five year old LOVED stuffing them and then I went back and finished them, making sure all the crevices were filled. You can stuff these as much or little as you like, I wanted mine to be fat.

Once you're done stuffing, you simply have to sew him closed. I'll admit I am lazy and had no desire to do a blind stitch, I just ran my machine over it and called it done. You may close him up however you please!

And that's it! All done, squishy and ready for baby. Or big brother, since I keep finding one or two animals in his room. It stopped while her room was under major construction and he was banned, but not it's open again and these guys tend to wander off [as do the baby toys, go figure].

Here they are, all together again. I absolutely love these guys, they are so adorable.

A little bonus for you, if you decide to really use a lot of this collection, you can buy ART from the Artist, Teagan White on her Society6 page, she has so much beautiful art. I plan to pick up a piece for Maeve's room, eventually.

I'll be back in next week, I have a dining room update and I can finally share a gift quilt I made, it took me forever to finish it and get it sent off. But I can't wait to show off my hard work now that little the little guy I made it for has received it.

Until next time!
- Amanda

Friday, March 6, 2015

30 Week Bump and Baby Update

Here we are! 30 Weeks, just 10 to go.

Does that make anyone else super nervous and excited at the same time?

Just me?

Okay, just me.

It's been 5 years since we had a baby in the house, I'm confident that I at least know what I am doing this time around but still, nervous.

I had good intentions to do some other posts this week about some plushes I made her and I have done a little more work in my dining room.

But the unthinkable happened!

My husband caught a cold and has been home sick all week... sick husbands really take up your time.

And I've been working on Maeve's quilt, so my dining room is a total wreck at the moment. [Her quilt top is the background in my pictures this week] But it's totally easier to blame it on my husband, who spent almost 3 days in bed. Bless him.

The good news, we start working on her room next week. We're making a run down to Ikea in Dallas to pick up a rug, shelving and a crib. Well, we hope a crib. The inventory listed online isn't promising, but I agreed to compromise according to stock. It's just a crib after all, as long as she has a place to sleep, I won't stress over the style or shade too much.

I'm excited to finally be putting her room together. I've had ideas bouncing in my head for months and I can finally start pulling them together. I'm pretty excited.

In other news, I look like a pregnant horse!

I'm not calling myself fat, it's just, have you ever seen a pregnant horse?

Notice how that poor lady's sides are bulging out...

See my sides? It's subtle, but totally starting to bulge out at the sides... I guess because I haven't gained much weight. I even pointed it out for you, just look! It cracks me up.

I'll continue to complain about my heartburn because, YEEEEEESH, it's all the time now. I've even tried eating a healthier diet and nope, still got the heartburn 24/7. I'm starting to assume she's coming out with shoulder length hair.

I had a head full of dark hair as a baby, so it would not surprise me if she had a head full of hair as well.

The bad part? I have hardly purchased any hair bows, I'm really horrible at this girl thing.

I've been raising a boy for 5 years and it's hard switching gears.

Super hard.

Really, really, super duper hard.

- Amanda