Baby Maeve's Eclectic Nursery

I can't hardly believe I accomplished it, but I've completed the nursery.

I don't have a single room in my house done, yet I managed this.

I go in there everyday and just sit, soak in the baby's room while it's quite and chaos hasn't arrived yet.

I'm pretty excited to show it off, except for one thing...

The room is too tight for me to use my camera for full shots.

I need a wide angle lens, which I don't have... so I had to use my, gasp, phone.

I might try to borrow a lens from a friend later, but for now, I have phone photos. First world problems, right?

The good news, I could still get detail shots with my camera. It's a little reprieve.

We'll begin with the not so pretty photos.

The crib wall is my favorite part. We painted the wall a navy blue, my husband calls it blurple. It has a purple hue to it and everything just pops off of it. [The color is from Valspar, it's called Dark Night... or I call it Dark Knight because I'm a geek and Batman is my favorite hero.]

I picked the little gold triangles up off of etsy and most everything else I already had, maybe gave it a fresh coat of paint, but that's it. [The triangles came from Classy Clutter Designs]

On the other side of the room I have her changing area and storage. We have her books, toys, blankets and other necessities stored over there. And I put up a few hooks to hang clothing, towels or bags on, right now it's just clothes.

Next door is a glider I picked up from my Mom. I wanted to recover it, but it was more work than I really wanted to get into right now. So I just tossed a bright afghan on it and moved along, maybe another time.

And lastly there is her vanity, I hadn't actually planned on the vanity. My cousin had it in storage and offered it to me because she no longer had a place for it. It's a beautiful antique and while it doesn't "match" the decor, it goes with my eclectic style. I definitely could not say no.

That's the broad view of the room, so let's see all the cute details! A friend made her a scrapbook, ready to go when she gets here and has pictures to add. I love it, it's great for a person like me that never finished her son's book... yea. The cute little crochet crown and booties came from my Mom, it's adorable and I had to put it out.

I have baskets under the changing table with little necessities in them. One houses all her diapering needs like, well, diapers along with wipes, rash cream and extra onsies in case of emergency. The other holds blankets, bibs, burp cloths and soft little toys if need should arise while changing.

Other items stored are light blankets and wooden baby toys. I also saved a spot to put the diaper bag, you can't see it very well, but it's a custom "My Little Pony" diaper bag that a close friend made me. It deserves a post of it's own, which it will get!

Above the changing table I have custom artwork displayed, by custom I mean, a friend bought me a vector set and I put words in, ha. And printed them at Walgreen's. I'm fancy like that.

This one is, "The Cause of Great Joy" which is the meaning of her name. There are several meanings to her name, but this is the one that stuck out to me. Probably because her surprise really did bring us a lot of joy... after the initial shock and "how did this happen!?" wore off.

In case you're wondering, I know how it happened. It's just that I naturally kept it from happening for 5 years and according to my calender, it shouldn't have happened. But I had some mad baby fever, so that probably did it.

Her name, obviously. :)

And to finish off my little set, I wanted to add a scripture, something I can read to her [and myself] during our long nights and early mornings. I originally was trying to come up with something to focus on joy, when the old song just popped into my head: "The joy of the Lord is my strength."

And that's how I came about using this specific scripture. I can't think of anything more soothing to read to myself when I'm exhausted and to read to her as she grows. I'm sure, just like her brother, we'll find ourselves a few songs to sing every night... it just won't be Christmas songs this time around. [My son was born a week before Christmas, so we sing Silent Night year 'round]

On the very end I have a few horses, they're a small part to a larger set of vinyls, but at this time I couldn't figure out how to put it all in. Maybe when she's ready for a big girl room, she'll want more horses and we can put the rest up. This was a gift a friend ordered me, she knew I liked unicorns but couldn't find any. I fell in love with the horses once she showed them to me, they tie in with a few more horses in the room.

Over on the vanity I have a tiara bowl full of bows I made... because I misplaced the little gold hooks I planned to hang them on.

I found instructions on pinterest to make fabric bows with a glue gun... duh. I put it off because sewing would take so much time. Now in one sitting, I whipped out 14 bows! This is a great thing, really, considering we only had 6-7 hair bows before this and they were all hand me downs.

Sometimes I think I might fail at this girly thing because I can't even buy a darn bow.

On the wall next to the vanity, I hung this vintage 1930's baby dress my Mom picked up at an antique market. It's the most amazing, adorable yet delicate thing I have ever held. The tiny lace and itty bitty buttons astound me. I have it on display, but I assure you, she will wear it.

I also have the flower crown I made for the maternity pictures I haven't taken because it rains every weekend. I'm about to just do them in home just for the sake of doing them before she arrives.

Onto her crib wall and we begin with the furry rocking chair. It's not really a furry rocking chair, it's a wooden rocking chair decorated by a 5 year old boy. I wasn't sure where I was putting the faux sheep skin, tossed it to the side, he picked it up and took it straight to the chair. Now it looks like some awesome piece of swedish furniture or something, I feel trendy. Never underestimate what a 5 year old can come up with. I added the jackalope, he's a family joke but I find him adorable.

Her white crib is from Ikea, I wanted something simple and how low their cribs set was a bonus to short little me. I struggled with my son's crib due to my height, but I can easily reach into this one.

I have her quilt on the side, I haven't gotten around to presenting it either, but it'll be there. I don't keep much in the crib aside from a few of my little woodland animals. I'm aware that nothing can be in there when she moves in, so why fill it with fluffy pillows or something I'll have to re-home later? Because, most likely, extra crap would just end up in the floor!

Above her crib I hung her sequin chipboard letters and a tassel garland I made with the scraps left over from the vintage sheets used in her quilt. I love how it turned out, it ties in her little quilt without everything getting too matchy.

On the shelf to the left side of her crib I have a book her brother specifically wanted her to have [heart melting], little fox I made, the bronze bunny comes from my Mom, the rose there is my belt buckle from when I showed horses as a kid and the two horses are my Breyers, gifted to me by my Aunt when I was... 8? 9? Somewhere around there.

And on the opposite shelf I have a painting from her brother's baby room, cute birdy vase I intend to put faux flowers in, raccoon I made, a bronze birdy I thrifted and that fox is from Christmas... he was so cute I kept him out.

If you have really keen eyes, you can find a little bit of geekery hiding out. It wasn't visible in the picture at the beginning, but I put a little triforce in there because I just can't help myself. Every time I see it, I start humming the Zelda theme.

The last wall is where her closet is and I didn't see much sense in taking a picture of a door. But I put up a little garland and hung all the sweet little cards she has received. As well as a copy of her baby shower invitation, because it was so cute. I'll leave all that in place until her first birthday and then we'll swap it out for birthday cards!

On the other side I hung a Shakespeare quote I saved, its pretty common around on Pinterest but I loved it, so who cares. I made my own artwork, if that counts.

And lastly a quote from Napoleon Bonaparte that the internets has altered and made popular. Again, I loved it, so I don't care how popular it is.

My husband and I laughed after I put these up, because I call her sassy. She is, poke at my belly and she'll punch back. But her name has ties to female warriors as well, Maeve, a Queen in Irish Mythology that went to war for a prize bull, this making her fortune equal to her husbands. And her middle name, Lorraine, refers to the region of Lorraine [in France] where the warrior Joan of Arc was born. So she probably will be a bit feisty, but she's a little sister, she'll need it. And I seem to be encouraging it with my "warrior princess art."

That concludes the little tour of her room. Like I said, I'm a little shocked that I managed to get it done ahead of time. I never had the opportunity to put together a nursery for my son, it was just a crib and rocker. And even since we've owned this home, I have not completed a single room in the house!

Now the wait for the baby continues.

- Amanda

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