Bump and Baby Update: Week 36 and Final Bump Photos

So here it is, I've reached that point where I just can't pregnant anymore. I have to, but doing anything more than being awake and taking care of the day to day is beyond me.

These are my last maternity photos because I just will never be able to muster up the energy to do more. I can hardly sleep at night, I spend the majority of the night tossing and turning, trying to find a way to sleep that doesn't make me ache.

Speaking of aches, well, everything aches.

My feet and calves are swollen.

I rotate between being super hungry and super nauseous.

I am ready for baby to make her way out, which I pray is much sooner than later.

I originally wanted to go to a local park I love and take outdoor maternity photos, but every weekend it was raining.

Heck, it was raining the day I took these and it's raining today!

I put off the photos for so long that the outfit I originally put on and loved no longer would work at my size. The baby belly is increasing size quickly and I'm running out of things that fit.

Thank goodness I bought a comfy black dress! It goes with everything.

So, after many failed attempts to get out and do my photos, I gave in and did them at home.

At least I finished up her room and got to use that for my backdrop.

My son is super eager to help, so while I set up the camera and took care of the settings, he actually took my pictures. I mean, he pushed the button.

I shared a different photo on instagram a few days ago, mentioning how much I loved the photos he snapped when I wasn't ready. Sure, many of them weren't any good, but I had a few where I was giggling because he's a silly kid and I love having those genuine moments captured. It's a little story I need to write down for him, so he can remember that he got to photography his pregnant Mom with his little sister in her tummy.

And, of course, we have pictures with brother. I've gone out of my way to make sure he knows that he's a big part in all this. Having a sibling doesn't make him any less important in our lives, it actually makes him more important. We have little talks all the time about how special he will be to sister and how much I need his help when she gets here.

I still can't convince him to change diapers though.

These are just a few of my favorites, see my full maternity album over on my flickr: HERE

So here is hoping that in the next week or two I will dilate beyond a one, my water will break and I can share the joy of my daughter's arrival.

Then we can talk about sleepless nights with a baby!

And about all the wonderful baby days, I so look forward to the baby days.

- Amanda

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