Dining Room - Update 2

I finally have made it back around to the dining room, it's about time.

Last time the dining room graced the blog, it had a fresh coat of paint and a list things "to do" before I feel it's at least looking complete.

I haven't completed the list but I'm much happier with how the room looks now!

Oh that's a pretty view!

I have...

Curtains - Check!
Wood Blinds - Negative
A Large Rug - Check!
Recovered the Chairs - Check!
Art and Decor - Check!
Shelves for Glassware - Negative, but I'll explain
Table Decor - Umm, well, sorta
New Table - That's a fat Negative
Highchair - Oh, well, that wasn't on the list, but I suppose it does need to be in there

So I managed to knock out most of my list and everything that's a priority for me at this point.

I love how the curtains ended up. I probably wouldn't have them done yet if my Mother hadn't come over and decided it needed to be done right then! So she bought me 7 yards of white muslin and everything to hang them. I just had to sew them and put it all up.

I love the clips, I may be addicted to clips now. They are so easy and if something is wrong, I don't have to pull the whole rod down, just unclip the panel I need to fix.

I ended up hanging all of these copper molds my Grandma gave me. I didn't intend for them to be a part of my decor, I was going to bring in a lot of my glass wares. I picked out shelves I wanted from Ikea, but shortly before we went a certain wonderful man I am married to brought home a large record player.

The shelves just didn't work with it in the room but I liked it so I'm working around it now.

There she is, in all her beauty. She works too! I didn't really have another place for her, but the previous owner treated her like a buffet so I figured why not. I love it in there, really, it brings something special to the room. Many people have suggest I pop out the vents, paint it and make it more modern. It the model didn't work, I might do that. But with it being fully functional, I don't dare mess with it.

Plus, I actually appreciate beautiful wood work, not everything needs to be painted turquoise/peach/mint/gray/whatever color is trendy.

I've even decided to pull in a little bit of a masculine vibe with by bringing in some of the items my husband has collected. He bought these crystal bottles before we were married and they've moved around with us since then. I only have them right now, but I'd love to find a nice tray and buy him some high quality tumblers to go with them, even if only for display.

I also displayed some of the neat old items my Grandma gave me. I don't dare use any of it because of it's age, but I love the look of it all. The yellow cow has to be one of my favorite pieces. He's a Six Flags Creamer Cow from who knows when! I just adore him.

I also finally framed and hung these local art prints I bought for my husband a few years back from a local store, Shop Good. They don't have these online and I'm not even sure if they're still in store. Like I said, I bought them a few years ago, we both loved the art and I went back for them. Even though you can't get what I have, the moral of the story is: "Shop local for beautiful and unique art."

It also helps to store said art for a few years so no one can get it. My bad.

The rug is in but I didn't buy it. I had this rug, it floats from room to room because it doesn't really fit my decor but it was given to me. So until I actually buy a rug, this one is it! At least it helps pull the room together.

And lastly, those recovered chairs. Sadly we discovered that two of the six chairs are broken beyond repair. I knew we had two that "needed repair" but once we had them apart and several people looked them over, we found splits in the wood. Sure, we could make them workable, but I don't want to risk anyone going down because I had to have the chair. We eventually want to replace the dining set anyway! [This one was another freebie after all]

I covered the chairs with a tablecloth I nabbed on clearance at Target for $10. It's not exactly what I would choose to go with the room. But it did get the job done and the chairs covered, I will not complain.

And that's where the room stands now. If you look in the photo above of my son trying to enjoy his lunch, you'll notice I took the little hats off my chandelier... I win! [My husband liked them... I did not]

I'm super happy with the dining room at this stage. It's not done, but it's good enough that I can move onto another room until I can afford the major items and changes I want.

Now we are enjoying it as a family as well as with our guests. She's hosting more and more game nights and has an upcoming Super Dungeon Explorer marathon to host.

Board games and food, I couldn't be happier.

- Amanda

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