Hexie Quilt for Little Miracle, Mr. T

Having a baby is a different experience for everyone, for some it comes easy, they may not even be trying. For others it take a lot of work and even the help of specialists to make their miracle happen.

I haven't actually met Mr. T's parents, but I they're friends of my husband. He's from CA and I have never had the pleasure of making a trip to meet his many friends and family from out there. Sometimes I feel like I've taken him prisoner out here in OK.

While I may not have known them personally, I had talked with Mr. T's mom on facebook on many occasions. She'd leave comments on photos of my son and we'd become acquainted through the internets. Bless the internets.

This is one of those situations where it took them many, many years and a lot of hard work to conceive their little miracle guy. And when I heard the news, I immediately knew I wanted to make a quilt.

His announcement came along around the same time I started obsessing over hexie quilts, I had a book from the library and I was just itching to do something. But I try not to start projects without a goal or I'll spend money with no intention to finish what I'm beginning. [Granted, after my little lady gets here, my husband has me convinced to craft for the greater good and donate quilts, since making them makes me so happy.]

This is the most difficult quilt I have EVER made, because so much of it was done by hand. It took me 5 months, I think in part because I became pregnant myself and just got too tired to work on it. Annnnd because I was working on another quilt at the time. That quilt I totally forgot to photograph, because I did it as a favor [they bought everything, I just put it together] and now it's living its life out in Dublin, Ireland. Lucky quilt! But much too far for me to just pop by and pick it up.

I decided to be extra insane and do all the quilting by hand. Mr T arrived before I was even done, I was probably too busy hugging the toilet and wishing I could eat at the time.

But, by time I reached the finish, I was super happy with it!

I didn't make the entire quilt from hexies, I wasn't that insane, but I used them in four strips to make a really cute pattern.

I loved these coordinating fabrics from Moda, it made it feel just that much more special when they were all linked together.

I stitched them down and stitched around them to make them really pop.

And last moment decided I wanted this arrow border around it. I actually pieced that together on my machine because I was clearly already running behind and didn't need to be doing anything else by hand!

And on the back, I put an aqua and blue zig-zag to make it pop and all around just be fun, it's for a little guy after all.

My binding job was not that great, but I've learned since then. On my last quilt, I actually blind stitched it down by hand. Probably sticking with that from now on as I can't keep my lines from going wonky when I do it by machine!

And here is the finished project, in all it's glory! It's a bit wrinkly and creased from being put away. Not only did it take me awhile to make, I kept forgetting to send it off.

But it has made it now! Baby boy has had his quilt for weeks and I sincerely hope he's enjoying it. It was so fluffy and comfy, I had a hard time parting with it. Lucky for him, I have a girl on the way, so I really couldn't reason with keeping it, hehe.

I'm kidding, I would have sent it to him even if I was having a boy!

I made my baby girls quilt too! If you haven't caught a glimpse of it on instagram, I'll have it up here soon.

- Amanda

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