What's In My Bag? The Hospital Bag

Hi there!

Still pregnant over here, I mean, we're barely tapping 38 weeks but I feel so very pregnant. The good news? My body is doing all kinds of not so beautiful things over the past few days that lead me to believe we are close!

But at the same time, she can stay snug in there for a few more weeks if she wants. It's all about a healthy baby, no matter how done I am with being pregnant.

I've been having an increase in contractions so I decided it was probably time I packed up my hospital bag.

I like to wait until the last minute on important things like this.

While, I knew most of what I wanted to take, I took time to peruse the internets and pinterest to see if there was anything clever I hadn't thought of.

A few blogs reminded me of little things I forgot while others just blew me away. How much stuff do you need to have a baby!?

With my first, well, I said I like to wait until last minute. I just threw things into the bag before running to the hospital. Big mistake, I didn't grab a brush or make-up, while I could shower, I still felt messy the whole time. It's not important stuff, but after having the baby, it would have made me feel tons better to put on some mascara and brush my hair.

So I'm still a simple lady, my list is simple, the things I packed are simple. My bag is half empty and I'm planning to stay in the hospital for a few days! I can't pack this light to stay overnight at my Grandma's... mostly because that requires outfits and planning. This is all about comfort.

There is no right or wrong list, some of us just desire more or less than others.

Here is my simple bag:

Above we have my basic necessities and needs for the hospital.

Pictured are...

  • My Robe - Mostly incase I have to get up and walk around in that backless hospital gown
  • A Large Pajama shirt for after birth. Some women choose a gown, I just wanted a big, oversized comfy shirt.
  • Yoga pants, a t-shirt and flip flops for going home [I'll also take my tennis shoes if I feel up to it]
  • Maternity dress just incase I don't want to wear pants
  • Socks
  • Glasses [all my solution and such for contacts is in the make-up bag]
  • Phone and charger
  • Cheap Toiletries
  • Make-Up Bag so I can feel nice after birthing a baby, 
  • Face wash and lotions
  • Headbands and Ponytails for before, during and after birth
  • Boob care, nursing pads and sweet lanolin to relieve the itching and aching [get these even if you don't want/plan on breastfeeding, you'll still need them]
  • Embarrassingly large maxi pads for the after birth [If you're having your first baby, then warning! You get a gross, heavy, period like time after birth while your body clears everything out]
  • Any and all prescriptions or vitamins, like prenatals. I have to take iron and vitamin c because I'm anemic. 
Not pictured...
  • DERMOPLAST pain relieving spray. The hospital should give you some, but after pushing a baby out of your nethers, this is so relieving.
  • Granny panties [or those gross ones for THAT time of the month], I kept mine out of sight because ew.
  • A comfy bra or nursing bra - Choose something WITHOUT an underwire, your breasts swell, you swell and a wire is really uncomfortable. I, personally, just chose a comfy, non-restrictive sports bra [the kind for girls with small/no boobs] for comfort. And it stretches to breastfeed, so it's an all around win for me.
  • Camera, if you have one [make sure it's charged and has an empty card!]
  • Pregnancy Pillow, some people prefer a regular boppy pillow, but I like the big one I can squeeze the life out of
  • Snacks. You don't really need much, I'm packing a few snickers and a couple of clif bars. You're not suppose to eat during labor, so these are pick me ups after baby.
And that's it!

That is all I'm taking. My husband has been instructed to pack himself a bag, though we live close enough to the hospital, he'd probably rather come home to shower and change. But I'll make sure he has pajamas and a change of clean everything, because I love him.

Also, it's thoughtful to get a roll of quarters for the vending machines so your spouse/partner/child/parent can easily get a snack from the vending machines if needed. Or for you, you'll be hungry.

I suggest browsing around and checking different lists, mine may actually be too much for some Momma's or not nearly enough for others.

DO consider that your hospital visit may be prolonged if you have a c-section or baby has any complications. I was there for 5 days because I induced, the first time failed and my water broke in the middle of the second attempt. And then my son had jaundice, so we stayed while he was treated.

Good luck!

- Amanda

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