Friday, November 20, 2015

Baby Maeve - Newborn Photos

I have a lot of catching up to do! My baby just turned 6 months and I'm just now showcasing her newborn photos.

Let me tell you something about doing photography, it's like having your husband being a plumber. Your plumbing never works! And since I do all my own photos, I always put things off... I'll get them done soon, no big deal and then time is gone.

I managed to get her photos done, but then they set and waited for me to give them proper attention. I will pat myself on the back for printing them and sharing them with one Grandma... and then I completely failed to get them to the rest of the Grandmas. Dang it.

I wanted to do cute, swaddled baby photos, but it's like she sensed her Mother was trying to do something and refused to fall asleep.

These photos are actually my second try on a completely new day.

The first day I tried to do photos I spent 3 hours on them and for the whole 3 hours I breast fed her without a break. She never slept, she just nursed on and off. As soon as I would try to move her away from her food source, she'd go nuts and we'd start again.

I wanted to use her quilt in my photos. I saw this adorable photo online with the quilt folded under the baby and the baby all curled up on top.


Not happening.

She loved to curl up in the fetal position and lay on her tummy, but she refused to do it that day. She loved being swaddled and wouldn't let me swaddle her either.

She just wanted to eat, eat, eat! Again. Clearly we were already hitting a growth spurt. Oh the fun!

My husband came in the assist and captured a few candid photos that I love. This one of her screaming really sums up our first few weeks together. We didn't have any trouble breast feeding but she was colicky. I tried changing my diet, we did gas drops, gripe water but nothing helped. Just lots of holding, bouncing and patting.

My poor baby.

But despite that, I love her so much. I still kiss those cheeks everyday and tell her how much Momma loves her.

And while her photos may have not been what I planned, they still turned out beautiful! I love them and that, of course, is all that matters.

- Amanda

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Weight Loss Journey Check In

So I'm changing things up a little on my journey here. It's been hard for me to make the check in every single week.

I have a baby that isn't completely fond of sleep or being put down, so when she finally naps and my arms are free, logging weight is the last thing on my mind. [Typically I'm more focused on messes in the home or making time to spend with just my son.]

I'm going to continue tracking, but my check ins will still be more spread out. I still want to stay accountable and watch myself, but I want to give myself a little grace to live life too.

Current Stats

Current Weight: 145lbs
Goal Weight: 135lbs
Pounds Lost to Date: 3lbs


Nothing changed since my last check in, disappointing but okay. I'll get there, even if it's a slow process! Just when I thought I could get into the groove of exercising a couple of times a week because the baby was napping consistently, she quit on me. She started fighting her naps and started waking in the middle of the night to play. Figures, right?

But there is a reason this is a journey. A journey takes time, it doesn't happen quickly. I'm not racing to a goal, I don't want to crash diet myself down to a size. I know me, I'll eat myself back to where I started even faster. So I have to give myself grace, I have to give myself time.

- Amanda

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Maeve's Birth Story

I did really well keeping up and documenting my pregnancy and then bam, baby, I fell behind. Literally, the baby arrived.

Last time I talked about my pregnancy I was sitting in the middle of my 36th week and praying she'd want to make an appearance soon.

Week 37, cervix high, no extra dilation.

Week 38, cervix high, no extra dilation.

Week 39, cervix high, no extra dilation. Time to talk about inducing.

I'm not a huge fan of inducing, I induced with my son and it was a long, 2 day long process. It was uncomfortable and spending any extra time in the hospital is just not my preference. He still ended up coming on his own, so the whole thing was a waste.

But he was 9lbs 5ounces, a bit big for a 5'4 gal to push out. So I was already aware that my Doctor wanted to talked about induction if we neared 40 weeks, because I'm small and have a history of big babies!

We discussed it and she put in a call at the hospital to schedule me in for May 14th, two days before my due date. This was about 6 days away, still plenty of waiting time and time for my husband to clear his schedule with work.

And then May 13th arrived.

I woke up that morning feeling my usual cranky, achy self. I love being pregnant but this part is not my favorite. I planned to spend my day prepping my son to go to my parents, where he would be staying while we were in the hospital. I also was making sure we had everything we needed.

We were scheduled to check in at the hospital at midnight.

And then a funny thing happened.

I went to the bathroom and there it was, the bloody show. Gross, I know, but it's all part of the process!  And silly me, I didn't think much of it. I mean, plenty of women have it and still don't go into labor for weeks.

My husband came home early to help me get things together. We finished setting up our room to accommodate the pack and play, loaded up our bags, cleaned up the house and tried to relax.

But I couldn't relax because I was starting to have pain. Nothing serious, but a couple of contractions here and there. I was timing them, but they weren't very close and then they were and then they weren't.

Around 5 my mom picked up my son, told us to call her if anything happened and off went my first baby to await the arrival of his sister.

My contractions stopped for a full hour at one point and then started again. I had my husband take me out for a burger so I could get in a good meal before I was cut off for induction.

I kept logging my contractions on my phone, as I sat at the bar waiting for my burger, trying to act normal. They hurt, they were very uncomfortable but I wanted my food. And I had to have my food!

We got home around 7, I walked to relieve the pain and settled in on the couch when I was tired. Still tracking, but nothing consistent. My contractions would space like this: 15min, 4 min, 20 min, 10min, 5min, 6min, 10min, 30min, 7min, 5min and so on, up and down like that.

Around 11p.m. I started having trouble catching my breath, so we decided to go ahead and go. I'm glad we did because we barely arrived when it began to pour rain.

It's May in Oklahoma, we're lucky it was just a thunderstorm, nothing more. (Tornado baby!)

By time we arrived we were only 30 minutes shy of our midnight arrival, so they had me wait until Midnight to get signed in and hooked up, but they gave the pregnant lady a bed.

My nurse was shocked when she went to put the heart monitor on my stomach, she assumed I was carrying baby weight with that big belly. But no, it was a nice solid tummy with a big, happy baby inside. I recalled her telling me, "Honey, you are too small to be having babies this big!"

She was an amazing nurse and I really wish she would have been on through my delivery.

By 1 a.m. I was starting to cry and whimper. They decided to go along with my induction because I still had not dilated beyond a 1 but I hadn't even received the pictocin at this time.

She called the Anesthesiologist for me.

At 1:30, I was starting to scream a little with each contraction, I received the pictocin at this time. Oh the torture.

By 2 the Anesthesiologist arrived to give me my epidural, this was hard. I kept contracting every few minutes but needed to relax and hold still for the process. I'm in pain, I'm hot and I'm sweating buckets, I can't relax.

The first question the Anesthesiologist asked when he arrived was, "Don't you have an induction tonight?" Yea, that's me. I'm progressing MUCH faster than expected.

Once I received the epidural, my nurse wanted to check my dilation again. And now that I couldn't feel much, she decide to see what the hold up was. And then she found it, the little hand that had decided to rest above the little head and keep baby from dropping. I felt a soft pop as she gently pushed the hand down and suddenly I'm dilated to a FIVE.

The rest of the night kind of flew by, at some point my water broke and by 5 a.m. she had shut the pictocin off because my own contractions were taking over. I was dilated to a 9, my water broke and I was feeling like I could push. I recall my mom texting to see if she should come up, I told her no, nothing happened yet. And a few minutes later I texted her back and told her I was wrong! I'm a 9 and the water broke!

And then it happened.

She went to check my dilation and felt an ear instead, baby had turned.

The stubborn child rolled onto her side, not impossible to give birth that way, just not pleasant.

I wanted to cry or maybe I did.

I had to lay on my side and wait and pray that baby would turn back.

Turn! Turn! Turn!

She took her time but by 6:30 she had turned back, they called my Doctor and she was on her way in.

When the time came, it went so fast! They told me to push, wait, push, wait, push.... and wait so they could clean baby's face but never mind, she squiggled herself out the rest of the way! That girl does things her own way, move out of the way.

They told me I pushed for less than 5 minutes, way to go Maevey!

And so, at 8:47 on May 14th, 2015 we welcomed our daughter Maeve into the world. Maeve was a whopping 9lbs 9ozs and 21 1/4 long.

She is an absolute joy, though more difficult than our son ever was. We couldn't imagine our lives without this new little ray of sunshine! We finally feel complete as a family, before I always felt a little empty because I wanted another child so bad. I love my son, he really lights up my earth and I wanted him to have to chance to be a big brother and have a sibling to share the world with.

Right now, he's not completely fond of someone that does nothing but poop, cry, eat and repeat. But she's growing so fast and getting to that playful stage, I think he's starting to come around, just a little.

He may even be giving her kisses on the top of her sweet little head. Don't tell him I told you.

And that is the story of Maeve's grand entrance into the world.

- Amanda

Monday, November 9, 2015

Weight Loss Journey: Week 2, 3, and 4

Oh no... I fell behind!

I've been meaning to check in but wouldn't you know it, as soon as Mom wants to go on a diet, a tooth comes in... make that two teeth. And do you know what teething babies do... or don't do? Sleep!

It's super hard to not eat bad when you're just tired and really don't want to prep a proper meal. I like to eat my feelings and I get sad when I don't sleep.

Add in one more fun factor, a visit from Aunt Flo too. Boo.

But despite all that, Week 2 check in!

My Stats: Week 2

Current Weight: 143lbs
Goal Weight: 135lbs
Pounds Lost to Date: 5lbs


Boom! Still lost two pounds aaaaaand I put on my pre-pregnancy jeans and I could button them!

Talk about something to celebrate. Those jeans were kind of loose on me when I got pregnant, but I will gladly take it!

Now, I'll admit, week 3 I was not good. My husband and I were out shopping Sunday and I got a pumpkin spice latte. He was home sick Monday due to his asthma, so I got a pumpkin spice latte. I had a bad nights sleep one night and the next day, he brought me a pumpkin spice latte. Coffee shop Saturday? Yes, I had a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

And it shows.

My Stats: Week 3

Current Weight: 142.5lbs
Goal Weight: 135lbs
Pounds Lost to Date: 5.5lbs


Well, it's a loss right?

This week, ohhh, it's hard to look. I've had Chinese food, a burger, pasta and lordy, all that darn halloween candy!

My Stats: Week 4

Current Weight: 145lbs
Goal Weight: 135lbs
Pounds Lost to Date: 3lbs


Ugggggggh. I'm angry, I'm upset, Noooooo. But this is how it goes.

All honesty, I'm really in need of a boost, I've been looking into something to get me there. I'll keep you posted on that. I feel like my body is just a little off right now, like its not processing foods as well as it should, you know? With recently having a baby it could be a number of things! I have a Doctor's appointment this month, I plan to talk to my Doctor about my weight struggles. Maybe look into having my thyroid checked and such.

But for now, I'm upping my exercise and trying my hardest to eat well. It's that time of year that it just becomes flat out difficult to do so if you love food, at all. A

And I love food.

See you Friday!

- Amanda