Baby Maeve - Newborn Photos

I have a lot of catching up to do! My baby just turned 6 months and I'm just now showcasing her newborn photos.

Let me tell you something about doing photography, it's like having your husband being a plumber. Your plumbing never works! And since I do all my own photos, I always put things off... I'll get them done soon, no big deal and then time is gone.

I managed to get her photos done, but then they set and waited for me to give them proper attention. I will pat myself on the back for printing them and sharing them with one Grandma... and then I completely failed to get them to the rest of the Grandmas. Dang it.

I wanted to do cute, swaddled baby photos, but it's like she sensed her Mother was trying to do something and refused to fall asleep.

These photos are actually my second try on a completely new day.

The first day I tried to do photos I spent 3 hours on them and for the whole 3 hours I breast fed her without a break. She never slept, she just nursed on and off. As soon as I would try to move her away from her food source, she'd go nuts and we'd start again.

I wanted to use her quilt in my photos. I saw this adorable photo online with the quilt folded under the baby and the baby all curled up on top.


Not happening.

She loved to curl up in the fetal position and lay on her tummy, but she refused to do it that day. She loved being swaddled and wouldn't let me swaddle her either.

She just wanted to eat, eat, eat! Again. Clearly we were already hitting a growth spurt. Oh the fun!

My husband came in the assist and captured a few candid photos that I love. This one of her screaming really sums up our first few weeks together. We didn't have any trouble breast feeding but she was colicky. I tried changing my diet, we did gas drops, gripe water but nothing helped. Just lots of holding, bouncing and patting.

My poor baby.

But despite that, I love her so much. I still kiss those cheeks everyday and tell her how much Momma loves her.

And while her photos may have not been what I planned, they still turned out beautiful! I love them and that, of course, is all that matters.

- Amanda

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