Baby Maeve - Six Months Old

I complained about my lass when she was 4 months old and how much she moved when I took photos.

I take it all back, she was perfect then.

She's still perfect now.

But she's crawling.

Just in time for Christmas.

And a Christmas Tree.

And Christmas presents.

And Christmas decorations.

She's good at timing these things.

What better way to keep your mom on her feet and help her burn those extra calories from all the christmas cookies she's eating than to start crawling!

It started out all cute and innocent, using her arms to drag her body while her legs lazily tagged along, dragging behind.

And then it advanced, the toes began to dig into the ground, trying to find a hold.

Next, the toes found solid ground and the legs began to push.

Even worse, she started to get on her hands and knees and rock!

This is all she achieved by Christmas morning, but it was enough to get her close to that tree. She never got an ornament, but she stole plenty of bows.

On Christmas eve (when we open our presents at home), I found six, SIX bows under the tree that had been ripped from their packages.

And one box with the corner gnawed off.

Look at her! Look at that face! She is so proud of herself.

Yes, Mom, I'm slowly destroying the bows and wrapping paper, but didn't I read somewhere that Christmas is more than packages tied up in string?

Well, you're right little lassy... but I like my packages to look pretty, next year.... oh next year.

Let's not talk about next year just yet.

Just stay a baby forever, okay?

- Amanda

[Less than two weeks later and she's full crawling, everywhere!]

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