Baby Maeve - Two Months Old

Oh lordy, it hurts.

I'm so far behind on sharing photos and talking about the kids. Now I get to relive months gone by, the time past.

Here she is. My little Maevy Wavy. Only 2 months old.

She couldn't move around, it was so wonderful! <insert crying laughing emoji here>

And the cheeks, oh the little squishy cheeks!

Wait, look at the next one...

Oh my gosh! The squishy cheeks! And she hadn't even crested 15lbs yet, what a wonder.

And those bright eyes, goodness, I love those bright eyes.

Ohhhh and now she's looking out the window, most likely at the robin family that angrily attacks the window since we had to cut down the crepe myrtle they loved.

She just looks so thoughtful, so curious about her world.

Maybe that's why she's such a go-getter, nothing stops this girl. She sees it, she wants to learn about, she'll get herself to it or get her hands on it.

Oh squishy.

Momma so misses this age already.

You're growing too fast.

- Amanda

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