Happy Halloween Back in 2015

Shout out to being way behind in life!

Yes, it's January.

Yes, I'm just getting around to Halloween 2015's photos.

My life has been busy, please be forgiving.

Let me tell you about this Halloween. I was excited! I wasn't able to make my son's costume last year because pregnancy was kicking my booty. I was way too tired and sick to even deal with it.

This year though, this year I was on it. My son wanted to be a Mummy and I had dreams.

Dreams of grimy fingers, a dirty face, ugly teeth and tattered bandages.

If you're thinking you see Mario up above and NOT a mummy, then your eyes don't deceive you, there is no mummy.

He ended up talking his Grandparents into taking him to the costume shop to just look at stuff and came home with a Mario costume.

Because when he found out he could be MARIO, he had to be Mario.

He's on a Nintendo kick lately.

I think tall and skinny is probably more of a Luigi look, but we won't tell him.
That mustache didn't make it beyond this photo. He hated it and I wasn't going to make him wear it.

It's probably for the better than I didn't get to make him a mummy, it would have been dirty and he'd need to wash his hands.


And my little lass?

Well, Mom is on a cute kitty kick, so she's my Purrrrrfect Pretty Little Miss Kitty.

It's like Breakfast at Tiffany's crossed with a kitty. 

Umm yea, she's purrrrfect.

I'm melting all over again and it's been 3 months.

Check this out from the side...

There is probably more skirt than baby there.

BAM! Adorable poofy skirt.

I want to brag and tell you all about how I'm so amazing because I didn't make a tutu like everyone else, I made the world's cutest midi skirt instead.

I want to.

But the truth is, I'm such an amateur.

I tried to get tulle the night before and the fabric store was sold out.

Such an amateur.

But this skirt turned out amazing!

Next time, I'll probably skip the tulle and get whatever this was again.


And I'm distracted by cuteness again.

She aced this photo shoot, I remember it clearly.

She was so excited about how excited her mom was over her little costume.

I slaved over that tail before taking the kids to an event at our church. All that work so she could stay cozy in the stroller and never show it off. I'm pointing it out because I want all of YOU to see it. Someone notice the tail!
And cuteness overload.

She did get to trick or treat one house.

One of my husband's co-workers lives a few streets over, super sweet lady. She insisted Maeve get candy too, so she got a tiny musketeer bar before retiring back home to hand out candy with Mema and Pipa.

And if you were wondering, we took the boy out for a fun evening, walked our feet off and misread a sign warning us that the neighbors had a zombie infestation.

My bad.

Don't worry, I was more terrified than my kid.

- Amanda

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