Floral and Stripe Quilted Blanket

Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby.

I have been making a ton of baby blankets lately, many I didn't even photograph because I made them and immediately sent them out the door.

I don't run a business on blankets yet recently I've been selling blankets and keeping busy. 

It all began when I made my daughter an adorable little minky blanket, but I couldn't stand the normal procedure of sewing it inside out, flipping it out and sewing the edges. I wanted it to be something more, something a little more special. I still adore it so much, which says a lot, I generally judge my own creations harshly and grow tired of them.

Her blanket was immediately followed by a beautiful purple blanket for a friend's baby, also with her little initial on it. Admittedly, Maeve's blanket was the tester, so I could be sure I knew what I was doing with the one I was gifting.

The blankets are wonderful and they've caught several people's eyes, we get compliments on them all the time when we're out and about. I misplaced Maeve's once and thought I left it behind in the cart at Target. I love that blanket so much I was in tears, my husband went to the extent of offering to go back but he called first, no blanket turned up. Thankfully he tore apart the car and searched every bag in the house before locating it in a fresh box of diapers! We use that blanket everyday, I may be more attached to than Maeve will ever be.

I've sold several of these now and made a few more as gifts myself. This one in particular was for one of my husband's co-workers at the time. He was working in the office for awhile and when she found out she was having a baby girl, he asked me if I would mind making a blanket. The only thing I had to go on was "pink and gray" specifically soft pinks, not hot pink.

I immediately knew what fabric I wanted for the blanket! I had been eyeing this cute floral at Hobby Lobby forever. It came in after I made my daughter's blanket, otherwise I would've picked it up for her. The way she grabbed at it while I sewed the binding down tells me she would've loved it as well.

I didn't had a binding picked and the coordinating print they had didn't work well for binding, so knowing I needed gray, I began looking at prints. I first thought of using polka dots until I came across this bold stripe. It had a nice pop on top of the floral and still stayed true to what she said she like [though she had no idea she was having a blanket made].

I put a lot into these little blankets, the cutting and pinning is easy. Then I take the time to quilt them together, make the binding and sew it onto the blanket. The binding usually takes me the most time because I finish it by hand, but the upside is that I can spend that time catching up on my stories [I have a Shonda Rhimes addiction] and sit comfy on the couch.

The Momma to be adored it, she had no idea she was getting a blanket and was really touched by the thoughtfulness. I'm always flattered when people go on about my work, it might make my head a tad inflated but I genuinely appreciate hearing how much someone loves my creations.

I've already made another blanket, this one for special young man in my life that guilted me into it and I'm pinned down to three more orders, hooray.

I find sewing be relaxing, so the time I take out of my day to work on these projects falls under "me time" even if it's technically work.

Do what you love, right?

- Amanda

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