Hart Family Photos 2017

They have a new addition since the last time we did photos!

I'd like to introduce you to these most photogenic family around, I'm not kidding. When editing photos, it's increasingly hard to choose which to keep and which to toss unless someone blinks or sweet baby R makes a sad face.

But let's give little R some credit, it was cold outside despite how warm and happy these photos are! It was kind of our luck again and again that every time we tried to do photos, it was freezing. The entire week proceeding this day was high 60s and low 70s.... I'm pretty sure it was around 46 when we met up.

Poor, sweet baby did her best despite it being pretty cold.

Now, I'm not officially a photographer anymore, but when friends ask, I cut them a good deal to cover my time and give them their digitals.

And then photos turn out this pretty and I really want to get out to take more photos!

I absolutely love how we caught the light on this one!

She LOVES her daddy.

I've known this kid since he was born, it's hard for me to remember he's in school now. It doesn't seem like he should be old enough yet!

Queue the heart emojis because this one is adorable.

R was done with us at this point, but we managed to get a cute one with big brother, she looks a little happy, right?

I absolutely adore these family photos and I'm so happy they chose to keep me a part of their photos. I was unavailable when R was born because Maeve had strep, I didn't have it but I was exposed and didn't want to be around a newborn. I have strict personal rules when it comes to sickness and being around pregnant ladies and small babies! But I'm glad I still had the chance to come back and capture them before baby turned 1.

Which reminds me that I have a baby about to have a birthday but she's going to be two! My how time really does fly when you have little ones.

- Amanda

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