Easy Healthy Eating: Zuchinni Spaghetti

Whenever you talk about healthy eating, it normally means giving up or at least cutting back on the things you love.

My biggest pitfall is that I'm a carbaholic.

I absolutely love my carbs in bread form, pasta form and so many variations of sweets.

I've been working hard to cut out the bad and work in the good. A step for me has been by finding new ways to eat things I love.

This is one of them, Zucchini Spaghetti.

It doesn't take much work, you do need something to spiralize your vegetable, but otherwise it's as easy as making spaghetti.

You can make it a little work and still use your choice of store bought jarred spaghetti sauce (I do! I still have to feed 3 other people!). Or you can make your own sauce and cut out a lot of extra junk that tags along in the store bought variety. Maybe someday I'll get that achievement, but for now, I buy the jar.

The "noodles" come from simply using a "noodler" or "spiralizer" which you can find in most stores or online on Amazon. You could use your cheese grater, it won't have the same noodle likeness but it's the same idea. I could no longer find the exact one I use, but I found one that looks just the same here.

Now, get one thing out of your mind, these zucchini noodles are NOT like spaghetti noodles at all. Don't expect to bite into it and think, "Oh my gosh! You'd never know this was zucchini!" because you will.

It's a common mistake people makewhen finding a healthy "replacement", it's never the same. It simply simulates the same idea but it's not really the same. In the case of this dish, it's low carb and still very tasty! I've tried some pizza alternatives that were just flat out nasty.

In case you're wondering, I am the only person in my family that eats this. I still have to make normal spaghetti for the food snobs I live with.

But none of them have my cholesterol.

So I hope you find yourself inspired to try this healthy alternative. It's a favorite for me!

- Amanda

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