Simplfying My Wardrobe: Olive Floral from Jacoy Threads

I clearly was missing my hairbrush this day.
My toddler steals it, for reals.

I started a quest this year.

A quest that is very hard for someone like me.

I'm trying to simplify, trying to have less.

And this hits me in a hard place, my closet.

Oh how I love CLOTHES.

I have cleaned out so much, I'm actually a little ashamed of how much I had in there, wasting away.

I'm donating it all, so hopefully it finds new life or helps someone else out. But despite my donations, hoping that my clothes don't just become waste, I know that some of it will inevitably just become trash.

So I am trying to cut down on waste in my life. Wasting money on cheap, junk clothing and adding waste into the system.

Heck, I even saw a friend talking about giving her kids a capsule wardrobe and let's talk about some waste. Kids clothes go fast, especially with my kids. So why spend so much on things they're just going to outgrow? I'm a sucker for cute things for my daughter, but I certainly need to rein it in there. GAP just loves me.

But back to me, ha, in my efforts to be lest wasteful, I'm trying to pick items that I love and will wear a lot. I'm a modest person, so coming across a few shops on Instagram recently has been my dream. Dresses in decent lengths and cute blouses galore. A lot of them are cute items that can be worn easily and comfortably while elevating your wardrobe.

The idea behind a capsule wardrobe is to have less clothing, which is certainly a struggle. But with fewer, nicer pieces. The first article I read about it, I near died when they debuted their $100 tee. I'm sure it's nice, but you don't always have to spend big to have nice.

This is my first of two purchases in dresses. I wanted two cute dresses for spring. It has longer sleeves, so it can certainly be worn in the fall as well. I didn't choose a "springy" color but I'm in love with olive. So I went with olive!

Funny expression? That's me, I can't take anything serious.

I love the color and the pattern on the dress, it's a beautiful floral and the colors go with my very black and beige wardrobe. And oh my gosh, is it SOFT. I could live in it, seriously. I've probably slept in it.

Also, I don't really know what was going on with my hair that day. When I uploaded my photos, my first thought was "Couldn't I tell my bangs were in my eyes!?"

Oh well, hazards of taking your own photos.

If you love this dress and want one for yourself, they still have them at Jacoy Threads.

Mine in olive is here - and it ships free!

And they also have it in white.

I'll be talking more on how I'm simplifying my wardrobe every week!

- Amanda

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