Simplifying My Wardrobe: Blue and White Stripe Dress from Wren & Ivory

This week I managed to find my brush!

Here we are again!

Working on simplifying that wardrobe, which is a painful process when you love clothes.

This is a dress I LOVE, it was my second purchase in my quest to have cute and simple items.

The really dreamy thing about this one, is that it DOESN'T wrinkle.

Oh what a dream.

And it has pockets, that's always a selling point for me with dresses.

I love the pattern, the vertical stripes paired with the horizontal stripes. And it's a nice shade of blue! A lot of places use what I like to call "Scrubs Blue", I'm sure you know the color. It was refreshing to find a shade of blue that wasn't navy or ugly!

I bought it the day it released and it sold out quickly (File under reasons to follow boutiques on Instagram, they usually post when they release new items!). I was excited last week when I checked and they had it back in stock.

Sadly, at the time I wrote this post, it was sold out again.

I love dresses this this kind of cute, they flatter everyone!

Now, I did a little digging and I found it at another boutique... still sold out... but they have another color!

First off, mine came from Wren and Ivory, you can find it here. They haven't removed it from the site and you can sign up to be notified if it restocks. So there is still a chance!

And then here it is in a lighter blue.

Next week I'll be sharing my favorite tee with you! It's soft, bamboo and absolutely amazing.

 - Amanda

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