Exploring OKC: The Hall's Pizza Kitchen

I wanted to start something a little new on here and start introducing people to some of my favorite spots around OKC as well as exploring new ones.

My husband and I love exploring the local food scene and people ask us for suggestions all the time. I don't keep a list of places I love or use any apps that track where I go, so I'm usually digging through my brain to remember what I love. And when you think like that, you think of one of two places you love, suggest those and later think, "Oh! I should've suggested this place!"

What this is not is food/restaurant reviews! I'm not a food critic and I certainly won't be spending time bashing local places because it wasn't up to my taste. If I don't like it, I won't post about it, plain and simple. If I do, then I'll gladly post about what I had and what I loved to give you a feel for it.

It's as simple as that!

My husband won't be the least bit upset when I tell him we need to revisit some of our most loved places so I can chronicle them. Nor will he be sad about exploring new places.

We'll be travelling out of state this fall and I will certainly share what we find and love while we are out on the road. But for now, just local to Oklahoma.

So let's get into it!

For our first edition we decided to go to The Hall's Pizza Kitchen.

Want to skip my post and go straight to them? The Hall's Pizza Kitchen Website

I had seen another business I follow post Insta-Stories about their upcoming grand opening and thought it looked amazing. I kept it on my list the next time a date night came up and with it being pizza, my husband was quick to agree.

We're Ninja Turtles at heart, pizza will always be something we love.

I actually didn't even look at the menu, but he did ahead of time and was already sold on Samwise. I'm not sure if the description sold him or just the name.

Let me break it down like this Samwise = Sean Astin = The Goonies = My Husband is sold.

To quickly tell you about The Hall's Pizza Kitchen, they began as a food truck a few years back and just recently opened a brick and mortar store offering the same, amazing wood fired pizzas.

About our visit.

When we first arrived we instantly liked the feel, while we waited for them to check the patio [making sure there was shade], we went on and on to the hostess about how comfortable their waiting couch was. I wish a took a picture because it's beautiful and surprisingly cush.

We chose to sit on the patio, despite temps being in the uppers 90s and humid, as is typical summer weather in Oklahoma. But we wanted to sit outside and no one else was out there at the time, so we got to sit alone. We have two kids, we're always happy when we get a chance to be alone.

We were greeted quickly and served ice cold water. Shout out to their staff for each person that came out and filled our waters again and again and again and again. It was hot! We had drinks too but the water was obviously much more hydrating.

The view is beautiful, you can see many parts of downtown OKC and they keep the patio green and full of beautiful florals.

As it goes with the two of us, we couldn't decide on one pizza. They offer several pizza's by the slice, but neither of the two we were interested in were on the list for the day. Our server was quick to offer to split the pizza down the middle and all was well.

Before we get into the food, I want to be sure I say how comfortable I felt the entire time we were there. I know that putting us on the patio put us in a spot they weren't really serving yet, but someone picked us up and took good care of us.

Our drinks were never empty, she was able to offer suggestions for drinks and knew the menu very well.

It began to get very busy by the end of our visit, we came in before peak hours, but despite the patio beginning to fill up, no one ever made us feel like we needed to go. I'll admit that Andrew and I can be squatters, if we like a place. We love to sit, chat, and enjoy food or drink for awhile.

If my presence is prolonged in an establishment, that's a sign that I like it.

Now enters that beautiful pizza from above...

The Food

The pizza landed on our table in good time and required a deep inhale of the flavors present. It looked amazing and it smelled amazing.

Our pizza was a split of Samwise, as I already told you my husband was instantly sold on the name, and Beat The Heat because I am instantly drawn to anything with jalapenos on it.

Beat The Heat was my first choice, I didn't realize it had sriracha on it when I ordered, an oversight on my part but a pleasant surprise. Topped with grilled chicken, jalapenos, caramelized onions, bacon and cream cheese with sriracha drizzle, this pizza is the perfect amount of heat. I love spicy food, but there is a fine line between spicy and just over doing it.

If it's too hot to eat, you've over done it.

But this was the perfect balance, spicy but still maintaining flavor. Definitely not too hot to eat! I would, hands down, eat this pizza again.

Samwise was next, gotta try both. I'll admit, I was skeptical about a pizza with potatoes on it. But then again I like a sandwich here with macaroni cheese and pulled pork on it, so obviously, I like it when people think out of the box.

One bite and I was in love. For the record, only one slice of pizza came home with us and it wasn't from this half. Topped with rosemary potatoes, caramelized onions, cream cheese, bacon with a balsamic reduction drizzled on top. It's sweet and savory, with the flavor of the rosemary on the potatoes. An amazing pizza and I would certainly get it again as well.

Now, I mentioned earlier that they did offer pizza by the slice, so out of curiosity my husband decided to order a slice of Lasagna pizza.

I wasn't sure what to expect, was it layered? What exactly is a lasagna pizza?

First, excuse the sad slice, this was my butchering because I wanted to try it but not have a full slice. I stole a slice of my husband's and once I went to photograph it thought, "Why the heck did I do that!?"

So what is lasagna pizza? It's a pizza that captures the flavor and elements on the pizza, sans pasta. And, let me tell you, it is so good. It's topped with meatballs made in house, herb ricotta, basil and a garlic tomato sauce and it really has flavor. It's not the typical tomato-y tasting pizza with meatballs on top, you can really taste the flavor from the basil and the herb ricotta. We only had a slice but we would certainly order a whole pie.


We loved The Hall's Pizza Kitchen, from the moment we arrived we felt welcomed. They took good care of us and the food was delicious. It's definitely on the list to join our rotation of places we go on a night out.

My only regret is that we went so early, I honestly think dining on the patio when the sun is down would provide a spectacular view of downtown all lit up. Maybe next time, because there certainly will be a next time.

If you love pizza and you're up for something not quite the norm, I highly recommend The Hall's Pizza Kitchen. And if you want to try it but you're not too sure about the pizza's we enjoyed, they can make a good 'ol pepperoni.

They still run the truck as well, you can track it down through they're website, The Hall's Pizza Kitchen.

- Amanda

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