Meet My Blankets: Callisto

Another one from the roundup, now it's time to meet Callisto, one of my absolute favorite prints. It shows the constellations and then shows what each represents.

My son was enthralled with space, the stars and the moon when he was young. But it was so difficult to find star or space related items without it being covered in bright spaceships or colorful cartoon planets. I wanted something a little more timeless.

When Hawthorne Threads released this collection, I knew I wanted to make something out of it and it was on the top of my list when I began making blankets for the shop. I originally chose another print from this collection, but kept facing an awkward wash out from the fabric, after replacing it and getting the same result, I decided on this print. Which came together with the binding and backing I picked, so perfectly, I love how it turned out.

I named this one Callisto after the second-largest moon of Jupiter. My son doesn't realize his mom was quite to space nerd when she was younger.

This cotton print is paired with a soft black minky backing and contrasting geometric binding.

To see more of Callisto and my other blankets, click SHOP on the menu up above!

- Amanda

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