Meet My Blankets: Zabrina

The last of my first run of blankets, Zabrina, is a blanket covered in beautiful desert succulents. Succulents are so very popular right now and I am one of those people that just love them. If I can keep them alive, that is.

When naming this blanket, I wanted to find a name that paired well with the design. While searching all around, I stumbled across Zabrina. One of the many meanings of Zabrina is Desert Rose, which was perfect for this little blanket.

When I first launched my social media accounts, we ran a blanket giveaway. Our winner chose this as her blanket and so it was the first blanket out the door! I think it may have even gone to Arizona, what a perfect fit.

Zabrina is cotton print paired with a peachy pink minky with a contrasting minty binding.

If you want to see more of Zabrina or any of my other blankets, click the SHOP button on the top menu.

- Amanda

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