About Me

Hi, I’m Amanda, the curator of this here blog. I do the cooking, the sewing, the photographing and all the upkeep. But I don’t dust, dusting is far from my favorite.
I'm a thirty year old blogger, wife, mother of two, coffee lover, Netflix binger, book worm, anime appreciater, manga reader, frequent sewer/quilter, clothes lover and road tripper. I consider my home state to be Texas because I was raised there, even though I was born in and currently reside in Oklahoma.
I find an immense amount of joy in homemaking, though I never pegged myself as the type. The time I get to spend growing and learning with my children each day, as well as being free to create and cook. Sometimes I even have time to play video games, though that usually means playing Minecraft with my son.
Cooking, sewing, quilting and everything I share here is my hobby, I don’t claim to be an expert at anything. But I do believe that if anyone finds something they truly enjoy, they should share their passion, regardless of skill level.

I recently decided to follow my heart and open a shop featuring my custom blankets and other times, hit the shop link in the menu to meet Stitch and Flick!
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