Social Media

I'm a social person online, find me and chat me up! Here is a list of my social platforms, give me a follow and say "Hi!" and I'll gladly return the favor.

Instagram - I share photos of my family and our adventures on here. I frequently record Insta-Stories about our days and my current thoughts. I tend to share food and those typical sunset photos in my stories.

Twitter - I spend my twitter time chatting with others about television shows, things my husband or kids do that give me a giggle and spread well meaning sarcasm.

Pinterest - Not so much talking and chatting here, just pinning thing I want to remember or what inspires me at the moment. I promise not to pin hundreds of things a day if you join me.

Blog Lovin' - I also have a Blog Lovin' account, if you're a fellow blogger and you're also on there, give me a follow. Let me know and I'll gladly follow you back, I always love making new friends.
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